In an Akashic Record Consultation, the consultant only relays the answers to the questions asked by the client. So, most importantly, the client must have questions. For the best results, the client should spend time reflecting on what are the best questions to ask at this time in their life. The Akashic Record Keepers, Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones will rarely tell you what to do, but will give you information to help you make appropriate choices for the future you want to create. You may receive insight into what blocks you from being all that you can be. The future is only mentioned in possibilities because we are of free will.

  • Allow one hour for the consultation
  • Please refrain from using recreational drugs or alcohol 24 hours before your consultation because it will cloud the clarity of the information.
  • Have paper and pen handy to take notes during the consultation.
  • Take the time to evaluate the truth of the information in your heart both during and after the consultation.
  • Reflect and write down a few issues in your life in which you would like greater clarity and guidance.
  • Pay attention to any recurring patterns in your life that you would like to gain insight on or eliminate.
  • How to work with difficult and challenging individuals in your life are always good starting points. The learning lessons connected to these individuals are helpful.
  • Consider clarity of your life’s purpose, lessons you are here to learn, relationships or career points as issues to consider.